Being part of a sports team helps players develop important social skills. Whether players are listening to other people’s perspectives or placing the needs of the team before their own, young athletes are taught that, for a team to effectively work together, all members must respect each other’s abilities, contributions, and opinions.


Teamwork is not just an integral part of youth sports; kids engage in lots of other activities throughout the day that require group participation.  In class they work on projects in pairs or small groups. On the playground, joint efforts are necessary for fun. And in the lunchroom, kids participate together in conversations around the table.


At Northside Youth Lacrosse, this kind of association runs deeper to the tradition of our sport. Often, our coaches will remind players to honor the game; remember the spirit of the stick; etc. In this way, the sport of lacrosse often reinforces the “band of brothers” integrity that has historically bonded team players as one whole, beginning with the Native Americans who created the game to unite before going into battle. Today, the game continues to generate a profound connection within local rec leagues, club teams, college teams, professional organizations and even among countless men who reunite at older levels and continue to play at tournaments nationwide, year after year.


So while your son advances his lacrosse game and skills by being a member of the Surge, he will no doubt come away with the intangible benefit of learning the importance of teamwork…and feeling the unity that results from the powerful understanding of respect.