What do you do when you’re a travel team and only have one local fall tournament available in your division? Create your own tournament, of course. That’s just what Surge founder and director, Paul Thomas, did when the recently formed U9 division (of the recently formed Surge Select) faced this frustration last fall. So he reached out to other area lacrosse travel leagues to wrangle up all the U9 teams, coaches and families available for “A Southern Harvest of U9 Lacrosse Fun.” On November 21 & November 22, under picture-perfect skies each crisp fall day, the following teams enjoyed five games of youth competition:

  • Hillgrove Hawks
  • Lambert Longhorns
  • Mount Bethel Eagles
  • Southern Express
  • Surge Select
  • Wolfpack Select

Families, coaches and players keenly observed Covid Guidelines at each of North Atlanta High School’s two turf fields. In the end, Surge Select emerged victorious, with each teammate rewarded with a large complimentary bag of Hot Rod Popcorn from Coach Todd Morris (Hillgrove Hawks) who owns the company.

Kudos go to Coach Gately and Coach Roby for leading this outstanding group.

For 2021 and beyond, this will hopefully become another successful Surge tradition!

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