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Returning PlayersNov 17th, 2022Open
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PlayersOpens OnStatus
Returning PlayersNov 17th, 2022Open
All PlayersMay 19th, 2022Open


Should you not see a registration option for your division, it means that group has reached its limit. So be sure to sign up on the waitlist. We strive to place as many players onto teams as possible each season, and you will be notified via email once that transpires.

Team Placement

Each season, coaches carefully assess and evaluate the individual players over the course of the first few weeks of practice. At the conclusion of this process, coaches generally create balanced teams of even strength with each age division, rather than stacking particular teams with a disproportionate number of advanced players, or boys from the same school or neighborhood. The program's ability to work with all players to make everyone better, regardless of ability, has been a source of the Surge program's popularity. Truly great players make everyone else around them better.

Before registering your player for the Surge spring season, please read the following paragraphs carefully. Your completed registration indicates your understanding and acceptance of terms, some of which are new.


There are no refunds except in cases of medical excuse, and a doctor’s note must be provided. Full refunds will be provided to any player who is injured up to September 15. Refunds for injuries sustained after this time will be based on timing relative to participation to that point. Situations where player over-scheduling has occurred, or conflicts with other sports leagues have developed, or lack of interest, etc. are not valid for refunding. Please consider these circumstances prior to registering with the understanding that you are making a solid commitment by signing up with the Surge.

Why are we being so adamant about this? History. Over the years, we have found a pattern for some parents who use our registration system as a placeholder until they can later figure out what scheduling will work best for their family once the season begins. This is not fair to many dedicated players (with lacrosse as their priority) who then become waitlisted and have often moved on to other activities once late-breaking openings finally occur.

Waitlists will be created and cleared as soon as possible, and we update on a daily basis.

Covid Refund Policy

We typically do not offer refunds except for injury. However, should Covid-19 affect NYL getting back on the APS fields in August (or by September 12th), we will refund all registration fees back to participants in full.

Payment Options

You may now pay in one of two ways electronically: via credit card or through your checking account. We no longer accept mailed checks, and our registration system does not allow you to reserve a spot, or rental gear, without payment.