Surge Families:

We at Northside Youth Lacrosse are excited to return to play.

In an effort to minimize risk during our initial return and throughout the season, we have established the following guidelines for the safety and well-being of all. Please take the time to carefully review the following with your player and complete the requirements for the updated waiver found below.

  • No player will be allowed to participate in any Surge event or activity without a signed and dated COVID-19 waiver on file with Northside Youth Lacrosse. Any new participation will include the COVID-19 waiver at the time of registrations.
  • Parents are REQUIRED to monitor their child for symptoms prior to attending any Surge event or activity. Those symptoms should include fever at or above 100 F, cough, shortness of breath, chills, muscle pain, new loss of taste or smell. Parents are encouraged to keep a record of their child’s temperature and overall health to monitor trends in their child’s well-being. Bottom line, if your child is not feeling well in any way, do not attend practice or games.
  • If any player or family member of a player tests positive for the Covid virus, we need you to contact your Surge Coach immediately as well as the league director (Paul Thomas), so we can communicate with any others from Surge with whom your player may have come in contact.  We request that no player who has tested positive for the virus participate for at least two weeks (while follows CDC guidelines regarding quarantine, etc) and provide the league director a copy of the follow-on tests that show a negative test result after quarantine. Failure to do so will have the resulting player removed from the league for the balance of the season.
  • Parents/Chaperones/Drivers are not allowed to enter the field space for practice periods; at all.  And, are required to practice social distancing in common spaces (the bleachers, the grass areas, etc.) during any games. Additionally, parents/spectators may enter field spaces for games, again, observing the COVID-19 guidelines for small group assembly. All parents/spectators MUST wear a mask while watching any game.
  • Equipment bags are not allowed out of the car. All players should make an effort to bring minimal extra gear or supplies to any practice or game.
  • All players must be “game ready” upon arrival to any Surge event or activity. Boys must wear helmets, gloves, mouthguard, and cleats out of the car to his assigned area.
  • All players must bring their own water. Plan for a large reusable water bottle clearly identified with your child’s name. No sharing of water bottles will be allowed.
  • Players are required to prioritize safety and limit unnecessary contact. Please refrain from handshakes, fist bumps, elbow apps, and high fives.
  • Balls may not be touched by any player with their hands at any time. Your stick is the only way you are allowed to pick up the ball. All players should maintain social distancing while ball hunting.
  • All players are encouraged to use the restroom at home before arriving at fields. On-site facilities are not cleaned by Surge personnel, but when needed, players can use the restroom one at a time and must wash hands before resuming play.
  • With respect to social distancing directives, carpools are discouraged.

As we anticipate the likelihood that public health guidelines will evolve, please continue to monitor the Surge website and/or TeamSnap communications for developments.

Finally, playing is a privilege. No individual will be above the guidelines established for the safety and well-being of all. If any player fails to adhere to any of these guidelines, that player will be asked to leave.