Equipment, Uniforms & Swag


Do You Have What It Takes to Play Surge LAX?


Like football, lacrosse is a contact sport. But unlike an inflated football, a lacrosse ball is a hard, solid mass of vulcanized rubber. That’s why you need to make sure your player has the proper protection. The right equipment is also important to protect your player when various checks are thrown; when an opposing player can hit him with his stick – legally!


Here’s what all lacrosse athletes need to wear when they play:


  • regulation helmet
  • shoulder pads
  • arm pads
  • gloves
  • mouth guard (ideally, one that attaches to the helmet is best)
  • cleats (no baseball; ankle support is preferred)
  • jock/cup
  • stick


PLUS: Surge coaches insist that all players arrive to each practice or game with plenty of water to stay hydrated.

Our coaches agree that the best places to purchase equipment are:

Play It Again Sports: On Roswell Road in the Superica restaurant shopping center. They sell used and new gear and sticks, with salespeople who are very knowledgeable and know what our coaches expect. Mention you are with the Surge for a discount.

LAX World: Sport-specific bricks and mortar shops OTP. Staff is very knowledgeable and they have a lacrosse-only selection. They also string heads.

Dick’s Sporting Goods: Good selection; not always the greatest know-how when it comes to this game.

Warrior Web Site: Northside Surge families may purchase discounted gear using code 2019 . Visit the Warrior store here


Renting vs. Buying

With the Surge, players new to the sport have the convenience of renting used gear with us if they choose. You will be prompted to rent when you register (we have a limited amount of rental pieces/sets overall). For $85 you can reserve: a helmet, shoulder pads, arm pads and gloves. We do not provide a stick, cleats, mouth guard or jock.

You and your player(s) must attend the Rental Gear Day that takes place several weeks prior to the season beginning. You will fill out paperwork and supply a deposit check while your player gets sized with the proper fit for the specific pieces he needs.

You’ll return the gear at the end of the season after soaking, washing and drying it (we email you with just how to do this), and once received, we’ll rip up the deposit check.


Uniforms & Swag

New uniforms are designed with each fall and spring season. Your player will receive a snazzy Surge-branded jersey and a pair of shorts as part of his registration fee.

At the end of the season, each player also receives a “trophy” tee or other branded item. These trophy items are paid for through donations from intra-league sponsors (parents’ businesses), and logos of these entities are promoted on the item itself, as well as on our website.

In the fall, we offer the Surge Hoodie: a different sweatshirt each season that you order online (via email link), then pick up and pay for at the Surge Swag Sale.

Every season, we also offer Surge-branded gear bags: two styles of (hand)made in the USA custom carry-alls to transport all of a player’s gear and supplies to the fields. You also pre-order these online (via email link), then pick up and pay for later.


Surge Swag Sales

Twice each season, Surge Swag Sales take place at North Atlanta High School. These typically occur on a Saturday, all day. There, parents and players can purchase a variety of Surge-branded items from shirts to hats to socks and more in both Youth and Adult sizes. This event is a fund raiser for our league, and we ask parents to volunteer via sign up for one-hour shifts throughout the day. Cash or check only; no credit cards.