Surge Select: How the Advanced Player Takes His Game Further

With its tradition of exceptional coaching, gamesmanship and attention to all the details, Northside Youth Lacrosse now brings this same focus to the rollout of Surge Select: Top-notch teams designed to enhance a player’s skill and LAX IQ in elevated tournament competition.

For summer, 2020, we’ll be starting with two teams: 2029 (grade 3) and 2028 & 2027 (grades 4 & 5).

Each division will be attending two tournaments, with convenient drive times from Atlanta:


Trilogy Atlanta Opener      May 30 & 31

NXT Southern Opener          June 06 & 07

2028 & 2027

Asheville LAX Classic     June 21 & 21

Gainesville Shootout       June 27 & 28

The Details

There is a $25 registration fee that you’ll pay via credit card as you register here: Click here.

The tryout date is Sunday, March 22 at the new Surge Turf at NAHS (lower field by parking lot) at the following times:


9:15 am - 10:30 am

2028 & 2027
11:00 am - 12:30 pm

If your player is selected, the Team Fee to participate will be $395. This covers:

  • A full uniform (pinnie, shorts, shooter) including branded socks and helmet sticker
  • Tournament registration fees
  • Field space costs/insurance for at least 8 practices per team
  • Coaches’ stipend (two coaches per team)
  • Incidentals of sport team travel: tents, tables, banners, etc.

The Impetus

For the more advanced player who’s ready to take things to the next level, select teams are often the way to go. At this age, they offer an unmatched introduction and reinforcement of stronger skill sets, game nuances and details, competition, agility, strategy and LAX IQ. Down the line, this experience often translates to better middle school and high school team performance.

Why Surge Select?

While the Atlanta community offers several options for travel teams at younger ages, NYL provides some unique advantages:

  • Foundation: Our focus will be serious, but always fun, with a dedicated outcome of elevating your player’s skills and maturing his gamesmanship overall. Yes, we want to win. But we want to get there with integrity, grit and camaraderie first and foremost. Continuing to play and bond with Surge players in our familiar setting strengthens relationships on and off the field.

  • Coaching: As in our rec league, our travel teams will be set apart with smart coaching that “gets through” in meaningful ways and resonates with the younger athlete. Our coaches know the game, have played for most of their lives and come to the field with many notable lacrosse achievements, as well as diverse youth coaching experience.

  • Field Space: Our leveraged usage of NAHS, particularly the new turf field that our league established, allows us first access for the convenience of nearby, consistent practice locations.

  • Value: As a 501c3 our goal is not to profit, but to provide. Our team fee is low; our standards are high. Ultimately, the many tangibles and intangibles our players take away are priceless.

  • Attention to Details: In our view, select teams should translate to a remarkable journey…and not just for the players. Parents and family members who come along to support Surge Select are also considered. We prioritize things like coordinated meals, snacks, hydration, etc. at all tournaments for all attendees. When needed, we negotiate best group pricing from first-rate hotels as well.


Questions & More Information

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