Fall 2020 Schedule


We are excited to kick off the start of the fall season Saturday, September 12, 2020.
Specific time and field locations will be provided the week prior to Sept 12.

Walking Helmets

Saturday mornings


Saturdays am to noon


Saturdays in the afternoon


Saturdays late afternoon


Sunday afternoons

Walking Helmets

This division consists of players in kindergarten through 1st grade. These players are introduced to the early fundamentals of catching, throwing, cradling, shooting, defensive positioning and offensive dodges. The majority of practices include repetitive, competitive drills that lead up to “small-sided” games that occur towards the end of the season. No formal or drafted teams are formed at this age.

The Walking Helmet division does not exceed 40 players during any given season.


This division consists of players in the 2nd and 3rd grades. These players continue on with early fundamentals (see above) at a more accelerated level. Game IQ is introduced, and we rotate players to all positions to see where the best fit may be. While Bantam practices primarily reinforce skills, gameplay is also elevated with team formation on a modified field (60 yards long by 35 yards wide per US Lacrosse standards). Teams consist of seven players (including the goalie).

The Bantam division is capped at six total teams.


This division consists of players in the 4th and 5th grades. These players are reinforced with fundamentals and Game IQ, along with more advanced skill sets, footwork, and agility. Strategy and nuances are introduced. There is stick contact, but no full-body contact. Teams are drafted, with games played on a full-length lacrosse field. This is 10 vs. 10 lacrosse with substitutes and rosters that carry a total of 21 players per team.

The Lightning division typically consists of six teams.


This division consists of players in the 6th and 7th grades. Its focus continues with the Lightning format (see above) but at a more accelerated level. Here, full-body contact is also allowed during play. This is 10 vs. 10 lacrosse with substitutes and rosters that carry a total of 21 players per team.

The Junior division typically consists of six teams.


Our Senior division is comprised of 7th and 8th graders, both experienced and new to the sport. However, it’s in this division only that we allow players, based on ability, to choose how they want to play.

It works like this. Each fall, Surge enrolls many experienced older players from various middle schools around the metro-Atlanta area. They prefer to play on the same school team and we break out Surge Senior teams out accordingly. These teams are comprised of no less than 18, but no more than 22 players.

If your player is experienced and attends a school that does not have a complete roster of players for the fall, we will assign him to a school team to fill in the roster as needed.

In contrast, if your 7th or 8th grader has never played the sport, you have the option to play him in one of the advanced teams at the Senior level…or…to play him down a year at the Junior level with players who may have less experience as well. They practice and play each week just as the 8th Seniors do but here, the pace and level of play will likely be better suited for him.

Every team practices for an hour to work on skills, drills and related LAX IQ each week before games are played, which are roughly one hour.

Raining? Freezing? Snowing? Call the Surge Weather Hotline (404.406.2700) for field and activity updates.